Big Idea Collective - A Non-Committal Ideas Club for Lazy Bums Like Me

I'm sort of a fan of coming up with and sharing crack-pot schemes with my friends and colleagues. I think it helps fuel the fires of creativity and offers opportunities to think about ideas without having to commit to the dreadful details of budgeting and Gantt charts and human resources and annual reports. All those things just get in the way of the ideas and anyone saying otherwise is a liar or a swindler*. 

In the spirit of sharing crack-pot schemes I recently reeled in a colleague to participate in weekly (if we remember to do it) Big Idea Collective meetups. Here's the setup. We meet very briefly, like while waiting in line at the coffee shop, to talk about our big idea for the week. No commitments. No follow-through required. Just tell your Big Idea for the week. Nothing much emerges from these meetings, apart from a little head-scratching and a few laughs, but occasionally one of these ideas actually seems to have traction. And we put that idea off to the side for further investigation - for the doing part.

Not much to it. Just a commitment to not committing to doing the things we talk about.


*I know, I know. At some point you have to actually do things and not just talk about them. But the freedom to talk about this stuff without worrying about how you'd do it is pretty valuable.